Our email partner Drip just released original research from a study of 1 billion pop ups. Here are three key statistics from that report and how to apply these lessons to tour businesses.

Using urgency

Urgency is one of the great motivating factors in compelling marketing, and lead magnets are no exception.

While it doesn’t always make sense for tour businesses, using a countdown timer on your pop up is a fantastic way to add a sense of urgency to your marketing efforts.

You can add a countdown for seasonal promotions, Black Friday sales… even opening day for your season business!

Why use it? Pop ups with a countdown timer convert over 112% better than those that don’t. WOW!

Asking for more info

When you’re asking for someone’s email address…. Less is better! At least when it comes to how much information you ask for.

It’s better to just ask for their email address… and if you must, then include a field for first name. 


Pop ups with 1-2 fields convert more than 206% better than those with more than 2 fields. 

So what do you do if you want (or need) more information? A multi-step approach is ideal. It allows you to capture the email address… send the requested information… and then offer the subscriber the opportunity to answer more questions.

And get this…

When you take a two-step approach, 76% of people actually answer those extra questions!

People love telling you more information, as long as they don’t feel cornered into doing it!

Let’s say you service mostly tourists, but a few locals (and sending regular communications with those locals about events and such brings a great return.)

You can ask people if they are a local or not in step two of the lead magnet… like this!

After the subscriber enters their email address into the first pop up, they get their lead magnet… but the second pop up asks them about their relationship with your city. If they answer this, the info is stored in your email tool to use for future marketing efforts.

Waiting before you ask

When should your pop up first display? You don’t want offer it too soon, before people get an understanding of what you’re all about… and if you wait too long, they may be gone. So what’s the right timing?

According to the research, the best timing (by far) is 8 seconds. Eight seconds after someone lands on your page is the ideal time to present your lead magnet pop up. 

The next best timing is to wait until the visitor scrolls down your page 35%. This is often harder to determine, though, with product pages that are shorter, so we recommend the 8-second rule.

Again, thanks to Drip for this fantastic and NEW original research. You can click here to see the full report.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Lead Magnets to increase your tour revenue (even without newsletters!) then schedule a call with our team.

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