What’s Wrong With Using Zapier for Your FareHarbor Email Marketing?

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I'm a fan of integration tool Zapier. I really am. I use it for my business in all sorts of ways. But it's not the be-all-end-all solution for your data integration needs. When it comes to using it for your tour operation eMail marketing, and more specifically your FareHarbor email marketing I have to draw…

Feb 1st, 2024 Email Deliverability Requirements – A Guide for Experience Providers

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Whether email marketing is part of your tour company’s strategy or not, you should read and understand this important message. On February 1st of 2024 Google and Yahoo, two or the world's leading email clients, are putting in place a policy that will most definitely impact email deliverability.  Have you ever had email find its…

Waivers for Walking Tours?  You’re Kidding, Right?

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We all know that waivers are the best way to protect your company from liability. If you choose the right waiver system, there’s hidden ROI that can more than help pay for the cost.  Email collection.

Secrets of the Post-Tour Upsell

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Let’s talk about an upsell that’s often overlooked.  The coveted post tour upsell.  The repeat customer.  The goose that lays the golden egg.  Remember that by definition an upsell is a marketing strategy that’s implemented with your customers – not your leads.  A post-tour upsell happens sometime after they’ve toured with you. I want to…

What the heck goes in an upsell email?

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You’ve decided to automate an upsell email, and now it’s time to craft it. You sit down to a blank page… without a clue what to write. Let us help! Personalized subject Yes, you can send an email with “Hi Paul” in the subject line… but including someone’s name is the least personal way to…

Upsell Best Practices for Tour Operators

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Forrester research tells us that recommending another product as an upsell can add 10%-30% to your bottom line. What does it mean to upsell? Simply put, you are just trying to get your current customer to spend more money.  Let's define 'upsell' first In tour companies, there are generally three ways to do it. You…

3 Lead Magnet Stats That Tour Operators Need To Know

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Our email partner Drip just released original research from a study of 1 billion pop ups. Here are three key statistics from that report and how to apply these lessons to tour businesses. Using urgency Urgency is one of the great motivating factors in compelling marketing, and lead magnets are no exception. While it doesn’t…

Does my Lead Magnet need to be a beautiful (and expensive) PDF?

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We are often asked if it’s necessary to have a lead magnet professionally crafted in a sleek, printable PDF and the answer is no.  In fact, with a few exceptions, a PDF is not the ideal method for delivering your lead magnet. In this article we’ll discuss the three delivery types and when to use…

Turn Your Lead Magnet Into A Money Magnet With A Follow Up Series

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We’re continuing our discussions about lead magnets this month. Specifically, how you should follow up after the lead magnet is delivered. Because dropping your lead magnet and then ghosting your prospect? Not a good strategy. Key to successful impactful follow up, though, is knowing… -   Has that person bought from you in the past?…

Build email segments with your lead magnet… and get more sales

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The average opt in rate* for lead magnets is just under 2%. If you’re looking to match that average (or blow it out of the water) then there are two things you can do to optimize for it. One idea is to change up the type of opt-in you use. We’ll talk more about that…

Email Marketing in the Off-Season

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If you have an offseason don’t miss the opportunity to spend at least a portion of it on advanced email marketing opportunities. Not just any email marketing, but thoughtful, in the moment story telling that will help maximize on the upcoming rush.

3, 2, 1 Blast Off! Maximizing Email Opportunities Right Before the Tour

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For those who see even a small amount of purchases up to 3 days in advance, here are three “set & forget” workflows to maximize your bottom line.

5 Reasons to Trigger Your Email Marketing Campaigns Using Experience Date

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Triggering your campaigns based on the date of the booking is great, and head and shoulders above what most experience providers are already doing. But to really take your campaigns to the next level consider making use of the date and time the event actually takes place.

Browse Abandonment: Everything Experience Providers Need To Know

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Browse Abandonment: sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Do I Really Have the Time for Effective Email Marketing?

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When we hear that an experience provider is reluctant to implement cutting edge, e-Commerce level email marketing strategies, it’s usually for one primary reason.   “I just don’t think I have the time for this!”   Trust us – we get it.  As Akila McConnell of Unexpected Atlanta said in our joint Email Marketing workshop…

A Welcome Email To New Subscribers Is Super Lame (without these tips!)

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Someone walks up to your ticketing area and tells you they are interested in what you offer, but they’re just not ready to buy. Would you turn your back on them? Walk away without responding? If you do that in real life – or in the virtual world – you are leaving a ton of…

Segmentation – Sending the Message Your Customers and Prospects Want To Hear

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Segmentation. It its core, segmentation means placing your customers and prospects into various groups, or “buckets”, on order to market to them more effectively. It’s all about telling your customers and prospects a story. And not just any story – a story that is customized for their individual persona.

Why Should I Invest in Email When My Clients Are Not Repeat Buyers?

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One of the questions we get frequently is whether or not email is worth the investment for tour businesses with little to no repeat business. While emails sent after the tour is taken will probably annoy your customers more than help them, there are email marketing techniques you can use to generate more revenue and…

Forrester Consulting: Are you using your marketing research effectively??

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In August 2018, SEMrush commissioned Forrester consulting to explore how organizations are using their various types of marketing research data across channels. They suspected that the marketing research was only being used within one area of the organization, rather than across multiple areas.

Have you outgrown Mailchimp?

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We love MailChimp. It’s an Atlanta company like Sunstone, after all…and we spent many years leveraging their platform with success. But as our needs expanded (and the needs of our clients) we had to break off our love-affair with MailChimp and look elsewhere.

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