We know that there are people who book the day of the tour on the regular, and there are experience providers that see a regular flow of same-day walkups. But for those who see even a small amount of purchases up to 3 days in advance, here are three “set & forget” workflows to maximize your bottom line.

Three Days Before the Tour or Experience: Upsell

Use this opportunity to upsell your customer, if you haven’t already. Can you get them to extend their rental timeframe? Add champagne and strawberries to their boat excursion? Take a second tour with you while they are in town?

At the 3-day mark, visitors are excited about their upcoming trip, and they are (un)comfortably aware of the gaps in their itinerary. Take advantage of that.

If you’ve already offered them an upsell they have yet to take, maybe this is the ideal time to give them a small coupon code to seal the deal.

Our tip? Be sure to check that they haven’t already purchased the upgrade before you offer it (especially if you’re throwing in a discount.) These small details are what make your business look strong and put-together.

Two Days Before Before the Tour or Experience: Affiliates and Partners

Two days before “go time” (and after they’ve had the chance to spend spare change with you) is an ideal time to introduce your customers to your business partners and affiliates.

Work with another tour company in the area for cross-sells? You can send your affiliate link! Or maybe a restaurant on your food tour offers discounts for dinner?

Using partnerships to drive new customers is a time-tested way of building great business relationships in the local community. Can you also think of ways to share email addresses between partners?

One Day Before Before the Tour or Experience: Facebook Check In

Research tells us that when someone “checks in” on Facebook, an average of 200 other people see that. They also see it as a “word of mouth” endorsement of the business. If you can encourage people to check in to your business with Facebook, think of the FREE advertising that results!

One day before the tour, remind people to Like your Facebook page and tell them to “Check In To Win.” Then, once a month, randomly select a checked-in customer and send them one of your t-shirts, water bottles, etc. It’s a small investment for a big return!

How Do I Do This Automatically?

Until recently, this type of technology was very expensive and only available to those with willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for custom development.

Today, it is available affordably for FareHarbor users through TourAdvantage .

TourAdvantage is a new turnkey email marketing solution designed just for small to mid-sized for tour operators.

Be the master of big marketing efforts, maximize direct bookings, and position an advantage over other local attractions with larger marketing budgets with:

  • Real-time email and e-commerce integration with FareHarbor
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Watch a demo, and try it free for 30 days.
Email marketing will increase your bottom line – and it’s no longer hard or expensive.

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